Mommy - Le film


Diane "Die" Després Anne Dorval

Die was born a fighter. She’s been a widow for three years now, and had to start anew after her son was placed in a correctional facility.

Although she sees herself has a teen princess, she’s deeply mature when it comes to her son’s education and future, as well as dealing with crisis and problematics.

Her raging temper, her sexualized gait and manners, her coarse language - which she tries to soften up in order to impress her son - make her a comical, sharp-witted, loudmouthed being. But beneath the appearances, she’s a practically invincible woman, an unstoppable trouper, an unsinkable who’ll never take “no” for an answer.

Steve O'Connor Després Antoine Olivier Pilon

Kyla Suzanne Clément

Paul Patrick Huard

Patrick Alexandre Goyette

Directrice du centre Michèle Lituac

Marthe Viviane Pacal

Natacha Natalie Hamel-Roy