Mommy - Le film


Diane "Die" Després Anne Dorval

Steve O'Connor Després Antoine Olivier Pilon

Since his father’s death, he’s made the whole circuit of specialized centres for kids with behaviour problems and has scored a home run ; he’s handed back to his mother for being too much to handle.

But his - excessive - love for her, his resolution to be the man around the house and the way he candidly and irresponsibly wears his heart on his sleeve make him a truly troubling antihero.

Missing his past life with his father, Steve holds onto the project of peacefully living with Die. But his condition, for which he often ends up resenting himself, keeps alienating them, and dispels the faintest notion of coexistence. There is nothing Steve wouldn’t do to make his mother happy. Unfortunately nothing.

Kyla Suzanne Clément

Paul Patrick Huard

Patrick Alexandre Goyette

Directrice du centre Michèle Lituac

Marthe Viviane Pacal

Natacha Natalie Hamel-Roy