Mommy - Le film


Diane "Die" Després Anne Dorval

Steve O'Connor Després Antoine Olivier Pilon

Kyla Suzanne Clément

Left virtually mute by a vague trauma, Kyla is high school teacher on sabbatical who has just moved into town for an undetermined amount of time.

Any remote sense of dialogue with her husband and her daughter seems impossible, and the days are silent and long. But when Steve and Die makes their entrance in her life - or is it the other way around? - she finds hope again. Her cold, timorous temper warms up, her tics grow dim, her elocution betters.

But can Kyla abandon her own family for another? Cause while every more day spent with Die and Steve seems to take her away from her troubled past, it nonetheless brings her closer and closer to an eventual turn of fate : she could disappear from their lives as swiftly as she arrived in them.

Paul Patrick Huard

Patrick Alexandre Goyette

Directrice du centre Michèle Lituac

Marthe Viviane Pacal

Natacha Natalie Hamel-Roy